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Noclip and the exploded axon

There's a fascinating site making the rounds called 'noclip' --

I haven't dug too much into how it was created, but it's essentially uploaded level geometry from a number of names.  NoClip takes it's name from old console commands that would turn off "clipping" - a process of obstructing geometry from the players camera frustum.

In practice, this meant disabling collision with level geometry.  The results can be illuminating when intentional; humorous when not.

No clip modes and the website give you a holistic view of the gamespace, as well as showcase parts that are intentionally left unfinished.  Robert Yang made extensive use of noclip mode in his Half Life 2 series; it gives a glimpse into how bizarre these game spaces really are. 

I especially like noclip's dark souls collision data.  It highlights the interconnected nature of the game world, and gives a sense of Lordran's scale.

It's a much more analytic way o…

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