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My Year in Music

Earlier this year, while working on thesis and a fewlevel designprojects. I was listening to at least an album a day.  That's more than my usual consumption, so it was pretty easy to find stuff that I'd keep coming back to, and people I know released some wonderful things.
I don't really have a separate music blog any more, so I'm going to use this one to list out some of my favorite sounds from this year.  Going to update it every day in December with another album or EP.  They're in no particular order, just as I think of them.

December 31: i fucking hate spotify but here's a fucking spotify playlist. don't give them your money, buy direct/bandcamp/go to shows instead

tomorrow i'll make an hour long mix set and put it on soundcloud or mixcloud
December 30: Here's some DJ sets that were really good:

Grouper - RA
Riobamba - Fact
Midland - As City Sleeps
Teki Latex - The Naked King
DJ Bus Replacement Service - RA
Leon Vynehall - RA
Straw & Geng - Retroverti…

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