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Been a while since I updated this blog, so here come some rapid fire more, eventual, when-i-get-around-to-them posts to compensate.

I graduated with my MFA from NYU, so I'm officially a MASTER OF GAME DESIGN.

Here's a bit of an update on what I've been doing:

The rope swinging game I made for Robert Yang's level design studio is done for now.  I don't think I'm going to release it, but it exists in a playable, "finished" form if I need to demo it for anyone.  Ultimately, some Swedish people are working on a much cooler swinging game, and I don't think my project has legs.  It was good to learn basic blueprints and workflow in Unreal - I might start up another project in that engine once I clear a bit off my plate.

We released a demo of Hearth, the survival game I made with Vivi Yu and Milan Koerner-Safrata.  It's been doing pretty well on itch, which is very encouraging.  My main role is music/sound, but I've also been doing environment/level design in collaboration with Milan.  We're up for an award at the Terminus Festival in Atlanta, so I'll be there next week.

I jumped onto the HyperEcoFarm team, a game developed by my classmate Vanilla.  Again, I'm primarily the sound/music guy, but will be helping out with other aspects of game design and text editing.

I'm making levels for ihavefivehat's Static, using Doom Builder.  Future posts to come about this.

I'm also trying to get some VR and AR stuff out the door and into the store.

And I'm playing every racing game that NYU has in the game library, trying to understand race track design methodology, just 'cause.

Here's to summer!

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